Get To Know The Band

John Reid-Hansen

John is a musician with over 40 years experience in both teaching and performing. As a registered composer he has worked, not only as a performer, but also as music director with theatrical companies, a teacher in schools and privately. He has been involved with numerous musical productions and festivals and has worked as a stage manager at countless events. He brings a high level of professionalism to the band as well as his slightly dubious and off the wall humour!

George Mears

George was a pupil of John’s throughout his G.C.S.E and A Level music studies and originally joined Tay O’lay as the drummer. However, his lead guitar playing skills and strong vocals saw him quickly move to the front of the stage! With a background in music technology George manages to balance a high quality professional performance with overseeing the PA and balance of sound within Tay O’lay’s performance. His dry humour and relaxed approach always puts people at ease!

Derek Witchell

Derek finally fulfilled a teenage dream when asked to join Tay O’lay as back-up drummer and backing vocals singer! A self taught drummer his talents do not stop just at music, Derek is also and artist, actor, architect, priest, station master and railway modeller. Derek brings his years of experience and a large range of odd hats to the band!

 Tom Mear

As well as being a first class drummer Tom is an experienced musician who can also play piano and bass guitar.